Project Work:Poem and Description of The Recoleta Cemntery

In the language class we have learnt how to write a description of a place and we have been writing several of them. We wrote the last description in pairs, and I worked with Sofia Mele. We had to choose a picture of a touristic place of our neighborhood and describe it. Then our literature teacher Pat Chujman asked us to write a poem about the place we had picked for our description, which in our case was the Recoleta Cemetery. I wrote the poem with Sofia Mele. Here I leave the description and the poem:

Language Test


Write a paragraph (80-90 words) saying what has happened to the male character. Use a variety of tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and conditional type 3. Then look for an example of:

The male character in the story passes threw a very bad situation that is not mentioned in the video.The woman told the man that if she wasn’t there at the time that she found the man beside of the freeway  he would have died.She specified that she went to fetch her phone to the office where she works because she forgot it there.So when she was going there something said to her she should go back to fetch the man she saw.When she reached to the man she saw he was unconscious.      

Simple Past:Ever since I found you

Past Continuous:It’s probably because I’m the only one who knows it

Past Perfect:you know,after all this time, no one’s ever told me the story

Conditional type 3:If I hadn’t forgotten my phone, I wouldn’t have been on at that time.

Write a paragraph (summary) of 80- 90 words of the story The Gold Cadillac. Answer the questions in a paragraph. Include a variety of tenses: simple past- past perfect- past continuous and present perfect.

The story is about an African American family during the years of civil rights. Their father has just bought a new Cadillac to drive down south .The mother of the family is not happy about this and refuses to ride in the car. She finally agrees to go on the Cadillac and the whole family goes down south in the gold Cadillac to visit their relatives. On the way down people gave them strange looks because African Americans are not supposed to be rich such as to have a Cadillac. A policeman stops them and accuses the father of stealing the car. After this the father decides to sell the car and get a low class car and a new house.

An Eye for an Eye

1-What does the title mean? Can you provide any examples to which this expression can be applied to?   

The title of the story an eye for an eye refers to revenge and justice. It is also a metaphor and when you say an eye for an eye you refer two justice of the same crime.


1.Plea of not guilty A) The result or effect of evidence; the establishment or denial of a fact by evidence.

2.Manslaughter B) A lawyer or group of lawyers giving legal advice and especially conducting a case in court.

3.Plaintiff C) An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action

4.Counsel D) A suite of rooms, especially one used by lawyers to consult privately with attorneys or hear cases not taken into court.

5.Barrister E) The documentary or oral statements and the material objects admissible as testimony in a court of law.

6.Instructing solicitor F) It refers principally to a British trial lawyer.

7.Chambers G) An attorney who is not a member of the bar and who may be heard only in the lower courts.

8.Motive H) A defendant’s answer to the declaration made by the plaintiff in a civil action.

9.Evidence I) The party that institutes a suit in a court.

10.Proof J) The unlawful killing of one human being by another without express or implied intent to do injury.

1) Role-play in pairs

You are Sir Matthew. You have been given Mary Bank’s case and you will have to act as the defense counsel at trial but you suspect that she is hiding some information from you so you decide to visit her at Holloway Jail on Monday morning at 11 o’clock. You are going to assume the role of the counsel for the prosecution so that she can get used to what it will be like when she gets into the witness box but besides you want to find out whether she’s lying or not.

Sir M:Hello I’m sir Matthew your defense in the trial

Mary:Hello good to meet you

Sir M:Okey to begin with do you want to tell me something important about you

Mary:Yes, I want to tell you I’m blind as you see I can not see you

Sir M: How can you prove you are blind

Mary: you don’t believe me? It’s this serious?

Sit M: What Happened to you that you are blind?

Mary: what happened to me that let me blind was hot oil on my eyes.

Sir M: I will test your blindness

Mary: okey do it.

Sir M: You dont have any problem with that?

Mary: Not at all Sir M. I am not blind.

Sir M: Let’s prove it.

Mary: But why? Why you dont believe me?

Sir M: I believe you Mary, but the lawyers want to prove that

Mary: Oh my god that lawyers!

Sir M:Yeah they are a little bit angry with you because they think that you are not blind

Mary: Well… Test me please I am getting bored.

Sir M: Okay. Let’s start

By:Gonzalo Irazusta and Francisco Aresi