The Destructors

I chose this piece because it is a very interesting activity I did with Sofia Mele.This activity consisted on reading the story «The Destructors» firstly all together in class.After this we had to answer in pairs questions that were posted in Pat’s blog.They were very difficult questions that had very long answers.

One skill that I could not perform very well but now I can is to make the work together and not divide it to make it more easy.Because if you work in pairs and one does something and the other one does something completely different only to finish is not worth it.From reviewing this piece I learned that the destructors is a very interesting story to read.That has a lot of funny parts with the main protagonists T and Mr.Thomas.One thing I still need to work on is to have answers with more details and not always go directly to the point.I will work towards my goal by making answers longer and interesting and not short and directly to the point.

The connection that I can make with my real life is with my dog Elvis because he is a destructor.Once I left a pair of socks bellow my bed so that he could not reach them and I went to sleep.While I was sleeping he silently entered my room and grabbed the socks from below my bed and broke them in uncountable pisces and I wanted to kill him.And as I didn’t wanted my parents to notice I grabbed the  broken socks and went in a hurry to the kitchen to throw them to the paper basquet.

This is the link to the Questions:

The Destructors

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