Poem When we two Parted

I chose this piece because it was a very long work that had many steps.The first one was gathering in pairs and choose a poem of the book Songs of Ourselves.I worked with Marcos Okeki and we chose the poem «When we two parted».The second step was to make a presentation including:The poem,The writer/s,The relevance of the title of the poem,Analysis and Literary Devices.

One skill I could not perform very well but now I can is organising fast the group making and the division of labour the pair work.We worked very well with Marcos doing each one what we liked to do to compose the presentation.From reviewing this pice I learned that this poem was written by a writer that had a name not to discover himself.Also I learned the enriching things that a poem has and the great idea to read a lot of poems and Biographies of the Writers. One thing that I still need to work on is handing in all the works in time and form although in most of the cases it I do it, in this particular case we handed in the work 2 days later.I will work towards my goal doing things in class and finish them at home when we have n time at school.

The connection I can make with real life is that my sister read a poem from him at school called «In Darkness».So we decided to exchange opinions about this great and famous writer that wrote fantastic poems.Also we agreed that he wrote poems with lots of literary devices and lots of connections with real life and his personal life in some cases.Also we agreed that he had an artistic name because he didn’t wanted to be known and maintain himself in anonymity.

This is the link to the presentation:

When we two Parted

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