The Destructors

“The destructors”

1)The Wormsley Common Gang. Comment on membership, recruitment, enemies, activities, and motivations. How about gangs today?

The members where Trebol,Mike,Summers,Blackie and Joe.They would join in the car Park of all misery’s house and Blackie the leader of the gang decided what to do by doing a votation and voting the best idea.The activities they did were,firstly throwing balls against old misery’s house, the second one was going in pairs to the subway not paing all the pases at random.And the last activity was destroying Mr Thomas house.This plan was proposed by T.

2)Identify three important conflicts present in the story. Explain what exactly is causing the problem—and whether they are internal or external in nature. Finally, explain which of these conflicts seems to the central problem.

One conflict in this story is between creation and destruction, as it is set in a post war Britain, the context of the war is building and rebuilding. Then another conflict in this man vs. society. The boys have lost  their innocence by the events of World War II. So they use their imagination to reconstruct scenes of violence, demonstrating the influence of their environment on them. 

3)Draw an image of Mr. Thomas’ house. Now explain the gang’s motivation to destroy the house by webbing out points and quotations to each of the ideas below:

1.the age and beauty of the house

The age of the house we don´t know it but we can suppose that the house have 35 years old, as is it a typical english house of two floors.

2.the gang’s usual pranks around London

The usual pranks the gang did were: 

  •  Throwing balls against old misery’s house.
  • Going in pairs to the buses not paying the bus tickets.

3.What has occurred in the recent past with T’s parents

In the recent past, the father of Trevor who was an architect was fired and now was working as a clark.

4.Blackie’s reaction to the word “beautiful”

The reaction of Blackie was surprise because he never after the war did not heard that word to describe something, as war is described with such words as hate, strife, struggle and hostility, it was unusual to listen a word that refers to happiness, love.


4)Of what significance is the setting of this story in blitzed London? Does the story have anything to say about the consequences of war? About the causes of war?

 The significance of why the story is set in London after WWII Is that Trevor wants to show how the war makes his family to collapse. Representing us his resentment with society that in this story is the house of Mr. Thomas. The story has something to say about the consequences of the war because it depicts how the society had changed after war, how the people changed it perception of life and the distrust on the society. About the causes of war it don’t give us information, as this story is based after WWII and Germany declared war on Britain in 1939 as a cause for the outbreak of the Second World War. 

5)Describe what happens in the resolution of the story. Why might Graham Greene have ended the story in this ironic manner?

The end of the story is when Grehan Green sees the house fully destroyed and he can not believe his eyes from what he is seeing because he loved his house and also because he was seen how slowly the house was destroying more and more.And he felt bad, recently a bus driver passed and started laughing of the situation and Mr.Thomas didn’t liked that so he asked him why he was laughing and he said because it was funny.And also at the end the driver admits it’s nothing personal but the situation of the house being destroyed and becoming debris in front of his eyes was funny. 


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