Biology Notes

The 4 chemicals


Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.They contain the elements Carbón,Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Wednesday 16

Animal nutrition

Enzymes are all proteins
Amylase has the function to barake done molécules in the molecules of starch.
The en unes aletas finishes in ase.

Balanced diet
—-proteínas —-growth repair
—–lápids —f
Structural storage
—–minerals calcium

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry for Mary Banks as if you had just returned to your prison cell after your interview with Sir Matthew. Narrate the events that took place from your perspective. Include your feelings, impressions and future prospects.

October 29

Dear diary,

On one hand I just had an interview with sir Matthew and I wasn’t happy because he realised I’m not blind and that can go against me in the judgement. Because the judge can tell me I will stay more time in jail to be as am blind so that’s why I’m feeling depressed but expectation of the case is if I can lie to the judge and prove him I’m blind after the incident of the hot oil on my eyes. I can go out of jail fast.

On the other hand I very relieved because as I suffered domestic violence maybe if the the judge discovers I’m lying with the thing that I’m blind he can lower the sentence in prison because of the injuries I suffered that are a lot.In my defense I can tell the judge that I killed my husband for self defence because if not he could’ave killed me.If I didn’t control the situation but I didn’t want to kill him. I only wanted to stop him because afterwards I wanted to go to the police and have a judgement me vs him.But the situation was different I killed him because I couldn’t control him and couldn’t stop the sexual abuse.        

Biology Notes

Wednesday 7 of June

Biology note taking


Respiration: Respiration is the chemical reactions that break down nutrient molecules in living cells to release energy

•Double membrane
•It’s in the cytoplasm
•Glucose comes from food
•Oxygen comes from Breeding
•They combine chemically
•C6 H12 O6 + 6O2 —- 6H2O + 6CO2 + E
•Energy transforms produces ATP

Tuesday 13 of June

Functions of respiration:
Molecule contraction
Making protein molecules:longing together animo ácids into long chains

All this energy comes from food we eat.

Wednesday 14 of June


Adenosin triphoophate

The one that has more ATP Lives energy and leaves molecule and formed another one.

All our energy has to be transformed to ATP to be able to do the things we want to do.

The three prophet groups re trying to separate all the time.

Of one molecule of glucose is obtained its obtenía 38 molecules of ATP.

Respiration fórmula:
Glucose + 6 oxygen m — 6CO2 m + 6H2O m + E 38 ATP

Aerobic respiration

The release of relatively large amount of energy in cells by the breakdown of food substances in the prices of oxígen

Glucose + oxygen —- carbon dioxide + water

Anaerobic respiration

Anaerobic respiration:the release of a relatively small amount of energy by the breakdown of food substances in the absence of O2

Anaerobic respiration in molecules during exercise:

Glucose —– lactic acid + energy

Anaerobic respiration in yeast:

Glucose —- ethanol + carbon dioxide + energy

Molecules respire anaerobically when exercising vigorously,because the blood Cannot supply enough oxygen to maintain anaerobic respiration,however,the formation and buildup of Latin and in muscles causes cramp.


78% N2

20% 02 16%


The lactic acid that is made is transported to the liver, and later is broken down by combining it with O2. This extra O2 is breathed in after the exercise has stopped, and it is known as the oxygen debt.

Descripción de un personaje y de un lugar


KUPUKA: Es el brujo del pueblo es anciano.Es sabio y lo respetan mucho en los confines.Es el personaje que le comunica a Dulkancellin la llegada de Cucub un zitzahay el tiene que tener la pluma de kukul.Es un personaje muy oscuro que no es fácil comprender lo que dice en distintas situaciones del libro.

LAS TIERRAS FÉRTILES:Es un continente que en el lado este está el mar yentru y en lado oeste mar lalafke.Allí dentro de este continente se encuentra Beleram y también se encuentra una región llamada los confines donde están los husihuilkes.Rodeando los confines se encuentra la tierra sin sombra y el reino del sol hay criaturas extrañas como los llamellos que es del género de la magia.