I admire Leonardo di cabrio beques he is a very good actor in 2016 he won an oscar because of the reverent movie.The celebrities we can see in this picture are John Hamm,Winona Ryder and Owen Wilson.What they have in common is that they all have suffered of a severe depression.All three of them do acting for a living and are famous worldwide.As for Jon Hamm, he had a rough childhood due to the divorce of his parets and the early death of his mother, leaving this aside, I also know he also started acting in small roles at a very young age. Winona Ryder didn’t have such an awful childhood as Hamm’s, she grew up learning from diverse cultures and religions as her parents had different ones. She was also home-schooled due to the fact that she was bullied at school. Finally, we don’t know much about Owen Wilson’s childhood, just that he was expelled from school because of misbehaviour and was almost sent to a military academy.